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Finalists 2006
Congratulations to the 2006 Cable's Leaders in Learning 41 finalists!  The 2006 winners were announced June 13th at the Gala event in Washington, DC.

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Sally Sue Brown
Lexington, KY
"Teacher Academy on Civic Literacy"
Sally Sue Brown is being recognized for developing a teacher professional development program for teachers.  Aimed at utilizing the technology interest of young people as a vehicle for improving their understanding of US government, Brown worked with C-SPAN to help teachers overcome their fears of technology and learn to streamline relevant video clips from the news organization's website.
Tom Gregory
Gahanna, OH
"To Serve and To Honor"
Tom Gregory is being recognized for working with Time Warner Cable.  Broadcast students in Gregory's class produce a 60-minute video telling the stories of Gahanna Lincoln High School alumni, who are also war veterans, which aired on Time Warner Cable.  The project has inspired the students so much that they are seeking support to establish a memorial at the school.
Matt Hamilton
Cathedral City, CA
"Media Mentorship"
Matt Hamilton is being recognized for developing a community news show filmed, written, and produced by students and aired on Time Warner Cable.  The program has attracted support from the community, including a $30,000 grant from the Anderson Children's Foundation that was used to develop a mentorship program for the students.
Annette Jankowski
Satellite Beach, FL
"Surfside's Hurricane House Project"
Annette Jankowski is being recognized for her classroom's weather unit.  Using limited supplies, her third-graders built models of hurricane-safe houses that were tested by simulating a hurricane with a leaf blower.  Throughout the project Jankowski collaborated with Bright House Networks, bringing a meteorologist to speak with the students and broadcasting the final experiment on the cable network.
Steve Kast
Newport News, VA
"Kids Connect"
Steve Kast is being recognized for working with Cox Communications to bring state-of-the-art technology centers to 11 Boys & Girls Clubs.  Through the centers, underprivileged kids are able to check e-mail, play games, research for school papers and participate in skill building activities.
Bonnie Kelley
Largo, FL
"Educational Media Awards (emA's)"
Bonnie Kelley is being recognized for for exceptional leadership in a collaboration between Pinellas County Schools and Bright House Networks which created the Educational Media Awards.  The Awards recognize student-produced video productions.  For nine years the initiative has encouraged student-technology use while improving literacy through the development of story-telling skills.
Laura Kendall
Lincoln, NE
"Immersion Project"
Laura Kendall is being recognized for her work with the Immersion Project.  The program expands access to the arts for eighth-grade students and teachers by giving economically and socially disadvantaged middle school students an opportunity to experience live performing arts.  Through the program, teachers also participate in curriculum professional development.  The Immersion Project reaches 85 students and 40 teachers and is in its sixth year as a core collaborative partnership between the Lied Center for Performing Arts, Time Warner Cable, Lincoln Public Schools and Crete.
Tara Lafferty
Syracuse, NY
"Animal Bytes"
Tara Lafferty is being recognized for for a new program, Animal Bytes.  Developed in a partnership among Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Time Warner Cable and the Liverpool School District, Animal Bytes allows students to take three guided webcam tours of the zoofrom their school and talk live with zookeepers.  Prior to each web cam tour, students study various animals and their habitats as well as develop questions to ask zookeepers.  A follow-up session concludes the participation by having the zoo visit the classroom with live animals.  By providing cable, computers, webcams and additional content resources, the partners allow students to gain hands-on experience without leaving their schools and help teachers develop activities that meet New York State Learning Standards.
Marna Morris
Henderson, NV
"Cox GoalGetters"
Marna Morris is being recognized for her work with GoalGetters, a partnership between Cox Communications, Cox Media, GoalGetters Ltd., and local businesses, schools and youth organizations.  The program teaches students, ages five to 18, the importance of setting specific, realistic, and measurable goals in academics, attendance and citizenship - all geared to provide incentives and rewards to improve student achievement.  GoalGetters also provides free motivational resources for teachers.
Kathleen O'Donnell
Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
"Destination 2010 Home Connection"
Kathleen O'Donnell is being recognized for her work with Destination 2010 Home Connection.  The program provides students in Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools with computers, software, training, and Internet access to improve their achievement and parents' engagement.  The goal of Destination 2010 is to align home technology with district curriculum and parent involvement technologies, so out-of-school computer use supports learning goals and parents stay connected to school personnel and resources. Additional incentive include a scholarship of $10,000 for college or $5,000 for vocational and technical school to be awarded in the year 2010 by The Minneapolis Foundation.
Gary Olsen
Dubuque, IA
"Kids in the Kitchen"
Gary Olsen is being recognized for his work with "Kids in the Kitchen," a half-hour television series that teaches students in sixth through 12th grades how to prepare nutritious and creative dishes.  Broadcast twice a day, five days a week on Mediacom Cable, the show is set in an actual grocery store and prepares dishes before an audience.  A dedicated segment of the show, Manners with Magic, also teaches basic etiquette and fundamental manners students should exercise in certain social situations.
Paula Palermo
Norwalk, CT
"Teacher Technology Training Institute"
Paula Palermo is being recognized for her work with TTTI, a program that provides technology instruction to Norwalk Public School teachers.  Through a partnership with Cablevision, a ready-to-use program guides teachers through a curriculum, helping them deliver age appropriate and relevant lessons on Internet ethics and safety.  TTTI has also provided training for all fourth- and fifth-grade teachers in the Norwalk district on how to incorporate computer technology into their daily classrooms.
Patricia Thornberry
Clarkston, MI
"MI JASON Project"
Patricia Thornberry is being recognized for her work as director of the EDS/Michigan JASON Project.  A program for middle-grade students, JASON is a standards-based, multimedia curriculum that enhances science teaching and learning by delivering content through print materials; videos; game-like computer simulations; online resources; hands-on activities; and broadcast expeditions from exotic locations featuring real scientists, students and teachers.  Comcast partners with the MI JASON Project to carry the expedition broadcasts in multiple cities across the southeast Michigan viewing area, allowing more students to participate in the program. In addition, Comcast sponsors professional development workshops, so teachers can learn and practice how to perform a local aquatic field study with their students.
Paul Wilgenkamp
Setauket, NY
"Teaching from the Grave"
Paul Wilgenkamp is being recognized for developing a "Teaching from the Grave" project that transforms his students to teachers.  Students gather historic information from a local cemetery and present it to residents, government officials and historians.  Through partnerships with Cablevision and The Three Village Historical Society, Wilgencamp's work has helped enrich students' educational experience while increasing community support for preserving local history.


Jane Bash
San Antonio, TX
"Curriculum Based Edutainment Musicals"
Jane Bash is being recognized for producing standards-based, 40-minute musicals designed to improve learning retention and test scores throughout the school district.  Bash's "edutainment musicals" are bringing students, faculty members and parents together to work as a community and improve local education.
Yvette Fagan
San Francisco, CA
"The Impact of Internet-Based Science Instruction in an Inner-City Fifth Grade Classroom"
Yvette Fagan is being recognized for designing a textbook-less course using I-books for an inclusive classroom of inner-city fifth-grade general and special education students using I-books.  Via the Internet, her students learned about the human body by accessing information represented as text, graphics, animation, audio and video.
Wayne Fisher
Charlotte, NC
"ITS Physics - Creating a Student-Centered Classroom Using an Individualized Teaching System"
Wayne Fisher is being recognized for for creating ITS Physics, a student-centered classroom.  Through an individualized teaching system that encourages students to learn at their own pace, students use a variety of technologies - including computer tutorials, videos, laser disc players - and one-on-one guidance when necessary.
Michael Fitzpatrick
Upton, MA
"Continous Improvement at Blackstone Valley Tech"
Michael Fitzpatrick is being recognized for adapting business management techniques to improve student performance.  Approaches such as applying a peer-driven hiring process, implementing a teacher and administrator salary bonus, and employing the concept of the student as the primary customer have established Blackstone Valley Tech as one of the highest scoring schools of its kind on state exams.
Barbara Gurian
Clearwater, FL
"Plumb Scientists Soar"
Barbara Gurian is being recognized for raising funds to build state-of-the-art math and science facilities.  Working with her principal, Gurian worked to have a dock, greenhouse and outdoor environmental science area constructed for inquiry-based, cooperative experiments using the scientific method.
Kathy Long
North Augusta, SC
Kathy Long is being recognized for a program she developed to improve basic reading skills, language arts, and overall academics of elementary students - especially those with learning disabilities, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorders and mild intellectual disabilities.  Triad Unique Model Program of Hope (TRIUMPH) is used at Mossy Creek Elementary during all P.E. classes and utilizes multisensory techniques, cognitive learning strategies, and action-based learning activities.
Edward Mickolus
Falls Church, VA
"Model UN Club"
Edward Mickolus is being recognized for the success of George C. Marshall High School's model U.N. team.  Marshall's program develops students' public speaking, research, coalition formation, and other interpersonal skills and hones those skills during 15 model U.N. conferences a year.
Judy Peebles
Memphis, TN
"It's a Mystery"
Judy Peebles is being recognized for creating the It's a Mystery summer enrichment camp, which motivates students to read, write and solve mysteries by participating in forensic science activities.  The camp uses standards-based curriculum from Court TV and teacher-created activities to improve the students' academic achievement and bridge science concepts to real-life applications.  Camp highlights include visiting Juvenile Court, attending actual criminal court trials, solving "Whodunnit?" style mysteries at make-shift crime scenes, assuming the role of a forensic scientist to solve a staged kidnapping, conducting mock trials and attending presentations from Memphis community members.
Christophe Popper
New York, NY
Christophe Popper is being recognized for developing the website, Created for children of all ages, offers free, user-friendly online educational content.  One featured section of the website allows students to ask online "bears" questions and receive personalized responses that guide them safely through the web to find answers. Other sections of the website include interactive games; coloring pages; an online karaoke machine with songs for all ages; a directory of animals from "A to Z"; geography maps; and a list of recommended websites for kids, parents and educators.
Harriett Romo
San Antonio, TX
"The Navarro Academy"
Harriett Romo is being recognized for working with college students to construct a Child Development Center that serves 96 preschool, low-income, English-language learners from San Antonio.  The project created a community-based learning site for University of Texas at San Antonio students and enhances the learning of underserved children.
Mary Rubadeau
Telluride, CO
"Individual Mission and Assessment Plan (IMAP)"
Mary Rubadeau is being recognized for implementing the project "Individual Mission and Assessment Plans." The Plans are learning blueprints written by teachers for students who do not demonstrate grade level proficiency in reading, writing or math or students wanting to reach accelerated learning goals.  Each Plan focuses on individual strategies to support learning.
Gretchen Seay
Lithonia, GA
"Books on Tape: From Reading to Relationships"
Gretchen Seay is being recognized for creating "Books on Tape: From Reading to Relationships," a service learning project aimed at improving reading levels for struggling students.  The effort started with a fifth-grade class recording books onto tapes for younger children and has evolved into a multilingual project that reaches students all over the world.  Teachers pay for their own travel expenses and deliver the books-on-tape to needy schools in Guatemala, Costa Rica and the African continent.
Doris Voitier
Chalmette, LA
"St. Bernard Unified School"
Doris Voitier is being recognized for leading the effort to reopen St. Bernard Unified School just three weeks after Hurricane Katrina.  With little funding and many displaced employees, Voitier worked with her assistant, Bev Lawrason, finding temporary housing for faculty, running payrolls and restoring order to the school.
Jennifer Wagner
Corona, CA
"Technospud Projects"
Jennifer Wagner is being recognized for starting  The website hosts online projects that can be integrated into math, literature, history, science and technology classes.  Since 1999 more than 7,500 classrooms from around the world have participated in the website's projects.
Judson Wagner
Wilmington, DE
"Tools for the Reflective Teacher"
Judson Wagner is being recognized for developing a set of pre-made spreadsheets, called Tools for the Reflective Teacher, that help teachers collect, sort, display and analyze data in an efficient way. The Tools enhance the ability of teachers to reflect on the effectiveness of their own instruction.

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Kara Clayton
Redford, MI
"Thurston High School Media Studies Program"
Kara Clayton is being recognized for developing a media studies program at Thurston High School.  Based on core principles of media literacy, the class teaches students to learn, access, analyze, evaluate and create their own media.  For more than 11 years the program has grown from one class per year to 10 classes per year.
Rob Coppo
Escondido, CA
"Patriot Productions"
Rob Coppo is being recognized for developing materials designed to empower students with the skills to become responsible media producers and critical media consumers.  The curriculum has students produce, write, direct and edit their own films and television programs.
Stephanie Long
Springfield, MO
"After the Hurricane - Messages in Media"
Stephanie Long is being recognized for developing a media literacy class at Pleasant View Middle School.  Using the events of Hurricane Katrina as a case study, the project aimed to teach students the importance of reliable news.  "After the Hurricane - Messages in the Media" had students read about the hurricane from a selection of more than 300 newspapers from around the world; complete a basic news literacy questionnaire; discuss how the hurricane was interpreted and presented differently in various parts of the world; critique cable television programs that presented hurricane news; and act as television reporters of the event using transcripts from actual television news broadcasts.
Sue Lockwood Summers
Littleton, CO
Sue Lockwood Summers is being recognized for her work with PTT, a non-profit organization that works to increase media literacy for students throughout Colorado.  PTT has sponsored media literacy contests and created original interactive materials for community use.  Summers has developed and taught graduate-level media literacy courses for teachers and authored three books and numerous articles, all designed to help adults raise media-savvy kids.  In addition, she annually develops a teacher curriculum to educate youth on how to analyze and evaluate what they see, hear, and read in the media and how to apply critical thinking to make appropriate choices in their lives.
Sister Elizabeth Thoman, CHM
Los Angeles, CA
"Lifetime "Body of Work" / Center for Media Literacy"
Sister Elizabeth is being recognized for providing 30 years of leadership as a writer, editor, teacher, strategist and visionary thinker.  Since 1970 she has developed many media-study resources, starting with Media&Values Magazine and culminating with CML's MediaLit Kit, a guide for districts and school in implementing media literacy.
Jennifer Van Winkle
Lincoln, NE
"Media Literacy: Power and Influence"
Jennifer is being recognized for developing a classroom unit for her students to learn about the power of media through hands-on labs, Understanding Media software and prerecorded programming.  In one lab activity, students learned how to deconstruct messages of various media by evaluating websites, commercials, print media public and cable programs and movies.  Students logged the programs and commercials and discussed the importance of time slots, target audiences and the difference between reality and fiction.

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Calvin Baker
Tucson, AZ
"All Laptop High School"
Calvin is being recognized for playing a key role in opening the state's first no-textbook, all-laptop public school, where every student has wireless Internet access.
Nancy Clendenen
Columbus, OH
"China and Ohio: Learning through Technology  Reading and Writing"
Nancy Clendenen is being recognized for creating a program that allows her at-risk students in Ohio to collaborate with students in China.  The project started with a videoconference and has since created an ongoing partnership, from which both groups of students continue to benefit.
Marjorie Kaplan
Overland Park, KS
"Enhancing International Language Instruction Via Broadcast Technology"
Marjorie Kaplan is being recognized for leading an initiative that has enhanced foreign language instruction in the Shawnee Mission School District.  The program utilizes native language television programming and video streaming for students to hear the dialogue of native speakers, understand specific intonation and practice comprehending discussions in a realistic setting.
Eric Langhorst
Liberty, MO
"Educational Podcasting for Content and Collaboration"
Eric Langhorst is being recognized for developing podcasts and "StudyCasts" for his students to download from his classroom website.  Through the podcasts students receive additional subject content and study review sessions.  The classroom website has received visitors from 42 different countries and 48 states, and Langhorst has been contacted by teachers from around the world. Langhorst plans to expand his podcasts next school year to have more student-created content with interviews of local officials, book reviews, and audio walking tours of Liberty's historic downtown square.
Mike Richez
Long Beach, NY
"Using Technology  to Improve Human/Humanitarian Connections Worldwide"
Mike is being recognized for working with students to organize a live TV/Internet telethon to benefit earthquake victims in Pakistan.  To date, the effort has raised $10,000.
Karen Stofcheck
Citrus Springs, FL
"Making it Relevant"
Karen Stofcheck is being recognized for initiating more than 20 classroom projects for middle school students that use cable programming and emphasize real life applications.  Key projects had students run a nutritious snack business at the school, grow flowers and design flower pots to be sold as gifts, and create info travel packs for staff.  Through the projects students learned math, language arts, technology and reading skills by calculating and graphing profits, keeping track of inventory, developing a TV commercial, researching and more.