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Jonathan Levin High School for Media and Communications
New York, N.Y.
Cable System: Cablevision

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Don CerroneCablevision's "Triple Play for Education" program brought students from Jonathan Levin High School for Media and Communication into the streets of the Bronx to document the famed borough's history. Leading the class project was Director of Visual Studies and teacher Don Cerrone, who with the help of the Independent Film Channel (IFC), assisted students in producing a documentary titled "Recapturing Glory."

With the opportunity to create a film, Cerrone and his students started with basic questions such as, "Who lived in this Bronx neighborhood 60 years ago when the school first opened? What was this school like and what kind of education did those students have?" Using "Cablevision's Power to Learn" technology, which included high speed Internet connections, video equipment and community involvement, students were able to discover and document events and local figures to make the history of their neighborhood and school come alive. When it came to piecing together a film, Cerrone utilized talent at IFC to help guide students through the production process. The effort also included field trips to News 12 studios, Rainbow Media's Networking Center and a backstage tour of a taping of Cablevision's award-winning academic quiz show "The Challenge."

Today, their film, "Recapturing Glory" is posted on IFC's Web site and available on Cablevision's On Demand service. The production's success led to its inclusion in the school's core curriculum. Cablevision is again partnering with students from Jonathan Levin High School, this time for a documentary following Bronx high school students as they prepare for and compete in "The Challenge."

"The project sparked my students' imaginations and widened their previous understanding of the world around them. It opened them up to an understanding of the environment in which they live and generated in them an interest in capturing history on film for current and future generations."